1.a. The sensation involving perception by touch.
   b. A sensation experienced through touch.
   c. A physical sensation: a feeling of warmth.

2. An affective state of consciousness, such as that resulting from emotions, sentiments, or desires: experienced a feeling of excitement.

3. An awareness or impression: He had the feeling that he was being followed.

4.a. An emotional state or disposition; an emotion: expressed
      deep feeling.
   b. A tender emotion; a fondness.

5.a. Capacity to experience the higher emotions; sensitivity;
      sensibility: a man of feeling.
   b. feelings. Susceptibility to emotional response;
      sensibilities: The child's feelings are easily hurt. TOP

6. Opinion based more on emotion than on reason; sentiment.

7. A general impression conveyed by a person, place, or thing: The stuffy air gave one the feeling of being in a tomb.

8.  a. Appreciative regard or understanding: a feeling for
     b. Intuitive awareness or aptitude; a feel: has a feeling for
         language. feeling adj.

1. Having the ability to react or feel emotionally; sentient; sensitive.

2. Easily moved emotionally; sympathetic: a feeling heart.

3. Expressive of sensibility or emotion: a feeling glance.

1. (n.) Sympathetic insight into others' feelings:    TOP
sensitivity appreciation compassion empathy
identification sympathy concern commiseration
tenderness grief sorrow pity insensitivity (antonym)
pitilessness (antonym) indifference (antonym)

2. (n.) Something one believes or accepts as true:
conviction belief mind opinion persuasion
sentiment view faith tenet creed doctrine

3. (n.) A particular state of the mind or emotions:
mood humor disposition frame of mind temper
tone vein predisposition state of mind mental state

4. (n.) A general cast of mind:                            TOP
disposition humor attitude mood reaction
sentiment tendency

5. (n.) A subtle quality underlying a situation or action:
undertone hint implication intimation suggestion
undercurrent sense quality mood atmosphere

6. (n.) A sensation conveyed by means of physical contact:
touch feel

7. (v.) To be physically aware of through the senses:
sense experience feel perceive

8. (v.) To encounter or experience:                           TOP
undergo brave come up against confront face
go through meet sample suffer take taste
feel meet with

9. (v.) To be intuitively aware of:
intuit divine feel in one's bones (colloquial)
have a hunch (colloquial) sense get vibrations
perceive feel

10. (v.) To have the appearance of:
seem appear feel look look like suggest

11. (v.) To bring into contact with, especially with the fingers or hands: touch contact lay a finger on lay a hand on
feel finger handle palpate caress paw (colloquial)

12. (v.) To reach about or search blindly or uncertainly:
grope feel fish fumble clutch at poke probe

13. (v.) To draw an inference on the basis of insufficient information:
conjecture feel guess infer reason intuit
presume sense speculate surmise think suspect
calculate reckon theorize imagine hypothesize
presuppose fancy              TOP

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